Emergency ambulance staff have been working with 999 colleagues to inform and educate young people about life changing and fatal consequences of reckless driving at the annual Licence to Kill road safety event.

More than 400 Year 11 students saw the presentation at the Performing Arts Centre in Guernsey.

Roads Policing Unit officer Matthew Du Port said: “Every driver has a responsibility to themselves, their passengers and other road users to be responsible. Driving dangerously, recklessly or while under the influence of drink or drugs can have life changing or even life ending effects. It’s just not worth it and a moments stupidity can have consequences that will ripple through the entire community for years. This presentation is unapologetically impactive. No one is invincible and it’s beyond important that every single time they are drivers or passengers they remember what we have told them today.”Firefighter Gavin Robins said: “This presentation is designed with one purpose: show people the consequences. We hope this is as close as they will ever get to being involved in a road traffic collision. It isn’t fun, cool or impressive to drive without regard for yourself or for others. What we have shown them today is the very real outcomes of a decision to not take road safety seriously. The dangers are real and they can and do happen here – but we hope that by doing this presentation we’ve done everything possible to make sure it doesn’t.”

St John Emergency Ambulance Service Paramedic Dean Robilliard said: “As ambulance staff we regularly attend collisions involving cars or motorbikes on Guernsey’s roads where people get hurt. In some cases people can suffer serious or life changing injuries and sadly sometimes fatal injuries. I hope that by making young people aware of the consequences of the choices they make when they get into a car or on a motorbike we can help them to avoid getting hurt or causing harm through their actions. The messages from this presentation are simple. Don’t drink drive and don’t get into a car with a drink driver. Don’t be tempted to speed or show off when you’re behind the wheel. Wear your seatbelt and don’t be distracted by phone calls or text messages when you’re driving.”

We’d like to thank Rossborough Insurance for their ongoing support with the L2K initiative.

Posted: October 22, 2020