To mark the 70th anniversary of Guernsey’s Liberation, we have looked back at the essential, lifesaving service St John Ambulance delivered to islanders throughout the Occupation. Our motto was ‘in the service of humanity’ in 1945, and it’s still the same today.

  • St John Ambulance & Rescue Service has run Guernsey’s Ambulance Service since 1939 and since then it has transported over 750,000 patients and answers an average of 4,500 emergency calls a year.
  • During the five years of occupation, the St John Ambulance & Rescue Service covered 86,188 miles transporting over 19,000 patients. These days we transport around 11,000 patients every year.
  • St John personnel were called upon to rescue both Germans and islanders from the many minefields sown on the cliffs and beaches and today the service responds on average to 15 cliff and inshore rescue boat incidents a year.
  • At one time during the occupation, fuel shortages meant ambulances had their engines removed and were drawn by horses, today the service has a fleet of 15 vehicles including emergency ambulances and rapid response cars.
  • During the occupation the St John Ambulance & Rescue Service transported over 50 patients to the harbour for evacuation.  Since then we have organised emergency transfers to the UK and beyond.

Liberation photos - collage 1

Posted: May 9, 2015