Guernsey’s Emergency Ambulance Service is the latest organisation in the British Isles to be ‘Hit’ by two young ambulance supporters who are attempting to send random acts of kindness to every ambulance station up and down the country.

Three-year-old Toby from Norfolk and his older brother Tommy have already written 300 letters and sent drawings and photos. They plan to complete their ‘Hits’ challenge before International Hit Day 2021 in November.

The pair were inspired by the Facebook group ‘Hit the Ambulance’ which encourages people to show their support for frontline emergency crews by leaving random acts of kindness on the doors handles of ambulances. The social media group has 74,000 members and features photos of ambulances and other emergency vehicles with gifts such as food or cards left by well-wishers.

The boy’s mum, Lisa said: “I’m proud of Toby and Tommy because at the age of three and four they so show much appreciation and admiration for our heroes and want to do all they can to make others smile.”

Dean de la Mare, Deputy Chief Ambulance Officer said: “We were very touched and honoured when we received the letter and drawings from Toby and Tommy. It is nice to know our work, and the work of our ambulance colleagues elsewhere, is appreciated. They have obviously been very busy preparing for their challenge and I wish them well in completing their ‘hits’. They are an inspirational pair and I’m sure their random acts of kindness are also greatly appreciated by all of those working in the frontline in the UK.”

Posted: January 11, 2021