Rob Jordan

Rob Jordan has been a volunteer at St John for eight years and is involved in many areas of volunteering. One of his roles is as a Community First Responder (CFR).

Community First Responder Rob Jordan

Community First Responder Rob Jordan

Rob said: “Whenever a life-threatening call comes in, I receive a message and if I am in a position to respond I let the control room know I’m on my way. Sometimes I can get there ahead of the ambulance to provide critical first aid.  If I arrive after the ambulance I can also support the paramedics with minor duties freeing up time for them to dedicate to the patient.

I work in the finance industry and have quite a specialized job – by volunteering for St John I feel I can offer something back to the community.  I also would like to think that in my time of need someone will be there for me; however I can’t expect that unless I am prepared to help my fellow islanders.

I love the feeling when I leave a patient and I know that I’ve made a difference. People are always so grateful when you arrive, and I have been thanked so many times by relatives for helping with their loved ones.

Although I leave my day job knowing I’ve done a good job, after responding to an emergency call, I leave patients knowing I have made a difference not just to the patient but to the family as well.

I would like to say a special thanks to all the employers of those who volunteer for St John.  Without their understanding and flexibility the organisation would not be possible.”