We are pleased to welcome four new staff who are now training to become Emergency Ambulance Crew for Alderney.

Angela, Maria, Mel and Mike started their induction as employees of St John Ambulance & Resuce Service in January. This included familiarisation with the Flying Christine III marine ambulance (pictured), and are now undertaking clinical and driver training in both Alderney and Guernsey.

This is a new model of training for Alderney, and is part of the same nationally recognised programme that trainee clinicians in Guernsey undertake.

Initial training for the Alderney ambulance crew will last 3 months and includes patient assessment and initial treatment for medical and trauma cases, urgent and emergency care, moving and handling, radio and communications, emergency response driver training.

Trainees are assessed and examined throughout the training process and are required to complete in excess of 250 hours working alongside experienced staff before they can crew in Alderney.

The nationally recognised driver training includes teaching new ambulance staff the system of vehicle control, roadcraft and emergency response driving. As part of the training students are expected to demonstrate they are safe and competent and are required to drive using blue lights and sirens as part of this training.

Aimee Lihou, Head of Quality and Patient Safety at St John Ambulance & Rescue Service said: “Although Alderney is smaller than Guernsey and the roads are less busy, all staff working in Alderney must meet the same professional standards as their colleagues in Guernsey. This is particularly important because Alderney staff will be required to work alongside other ambulance clinical staff in Guernsey to ensure they are supported to maintain high standards of care.”

Miss Lihou added “St John Ambulance & Rescue Service is committed to working with the community and giving Alderney people career opportunities to encourage them to stay on island, part of that involves training both full time clinicians and volunteers.”

It was announced in October 2022 that St John Ambulance & Rescue Service had been commissioned by the States of Alderney as the new provider of Alderney’s ambulance service. The announcement followed a review of ambulance provision and an extensive consultation period involving St John in Guernsey, the States of Alderney and States of Guernsey.

The Alderney ambulance service will operate as an extension of the Guernsey service, under the clinical governance framework and leadership of the St John Ambulance & Rescue Service with training and development opportunities aligned to the Guernsey operation.

A recent survey showed that more than 90% of people in Guernsey rated the emergency ambulance service as excellent. Under the new agreement St John offers  professional experience, clinical expertise and leadership which means St John is ideally placed to provide the ambulance service for Alderney.


Posted: February 4, 2023