Ambulance Care Assistants Jemma Wadley and Raissa Sanchez, have successfully completed   an Ambulance Driving Course which will enable them to drive vehicles to emergency calls.

The course was conducted by a Driving Tutor/Assessor from the Isle of Wight Ambualnce Service, who reported that both Jemma and Raissa passed the driving course to a very high and satisfactory standard.JW RS (2)

During the intense three week course, held both on Guernsey and the Isle of Wight, which is situated just off Englands south coast, Jemma and Raissa received instruction on emergency driving techniques and skid avoidance.

Jemma said that she thoroughly enjoyed the driving course particularly ‘the skid pan and learning how to control a skidding vehicle’.  Raissa commented that she found the course ‘amazing, challenging but fun’.

Posted: March 7, 2014