Twenty-four long serving members of St John have been recognised for their commitment to the charity in Guernsey.

Collectively the volunteers have given more than 500 years of service to St John in Guernsey.

Photo: Adrian Miller, Guernsey Press

The Bailiff of Guernsey, Richard McMahon who presented the awards at a special ceremony at Les Cotils thanked the recipients for their voluntary service acknowledging that St John was a way of life for many people.

Mr McMahon said: “2020 is an example of where there has been significant dedication from all of you who volunteer with St John. Who would’ve imagined, a year ago a health crisis calls upon those working in the health sectors to go over and above the call of duty. We ,the community, owe you a real debt of gratitude for what you have been doing this year.”

“The work you did in supporting the response to the pandemic has given great comfort to so many. When people needed transporting with the emergency ambulance service they knew the ambulances had been kept clean by the deep cleaning process carried out by the volunteers, leaving front-line staff available to do the work that was so necessary at that time. St John also identified the needs of people who were locked- down to keep themselves safe, by collecting prescriptions and delivering food. You played a very important part in Guernsey Together.”

“We thank you for everything you do,” he said.

The longest serving member at the ceremony was Judy Moore, who first joined St John as a Cadet. Judy then became an adult volunteer and has served on various boards of the organisation.

The service medal is awarded for 12 years of service. Each silver bar marks an additional five years. A gilt bar is an additional 20 years of service, replacing three silver bars and each further five years.

Judy Moore: 7th bar




Mark Guilbert: 5th bar




Josie Guille: Service medal, 1st, 2nd and 3rd bar




Rachael Major: 3rd bar




Philip Ozanne: 3rd bar




Milie Sarre: 1st and 2nd bar




Colin Bull: 1st and 2nd bar




Kay Bull: 2nd bar




Nick Le Page: 2nd bar




Tanya Goubert: 2nd bar




Paul Kennedy 2nd bar




Jason Gallienne: Service medal and 1st bar




Michelle Bihet: 1st bar




Jackie Pattimore: 1st bar




Jacqui Hancock: 1st bar




Martine Blanchard: 1st bar




Wilma de la Mare: 1st bar




Elizabeth Johnson: Service medal




Kyle Wood: Service medal




Robin Gonard: Service medal




Dave Le Brun: Service medal




Annette Gallienne: Service medal




Christina Hodgetts: Service medal


David Hodgetts: Service medal





Photo credit: Top photo courtesy of the Guernsey Press.

Posted: November 24, 2020