Emergency Medical Technician Kelly Marquis has just been awarded a Chief Officer’s Recognition of Performance for her actions during a mental health case last year.

Kelly and her crew mate were called to an incident involving a patient who was behaving in an unstable and aggressive manner. A police officer who was on scene was concerned about the patient’s welfare and although the officer was coping well with a difficult situation, they were unable to persuade the patient to get medical help or transfer to the Emergency Department.

On her arrival at the incident Kelly managed to gain the trust of the patient and calm them down to the point where they were compliant enough to agree to get into the ambulance with the assistance of the Police Officer.

Chief Officer Ali Marquis said “Kelly demonstrated a very caring and professional attitude throughout this challenging case. Kelly built up a trust between herself and the patient during the journey to hospital, despite the fact the patient was very unsettled and agitated. This continued until the point of handover to the Emergency Department staff.

“I and the Full Management Team believe the handling of this situation merits an award of Recognition of Performance.”

Kelly was presented with her award by Ali Marquis, Chief Officer

and Paul Smith, Director (St John Ambulance & Rescue Board).




Posted: January 4, 2019