Jon Beausire, Chief Officer of St John Ambulance & Rescue Service said:

“We welcome the decision made in today’s States meeting.

“Following the detailed review of the long-term future of Guernsey’s ambulance service, the proposals that were debated by our deputies today and the initial outcomes are positive.

“This has been a comprehensive review which took 12 months of research and evaluation, I am very pleased that St John as the public’s trusted provider will continue to provide the emergency ambulance service here in Guernsey as it has done now for almost 80 years.

“We fully support all of the proposals in the report and look forward to expanding our collaboration with the other emergency services as well as developing our paramedics to work in support of HSSD’s planned transformation and integrated health and social care intentions. With the use of technology and the enhancement of skills, the future will see more people treated in their own homes by paramedics rather than automatically being taken to hospital by ambulance”.

“We are pleased to be part of this development which will enable us to focus on the future of the emergency ambulance service providing stability and direction for our staff, as together with the other emergency services and the wider health community they provide patients with the right treatment, at the right time in the right place”.


Posted: February 18, 2016