During the second week of February the emergency ambulance service experienced a period of high demand.

In one 24-hour period we responded to a record thirty calls. This is about double the daily average. During this time operational crews were backed up by officers.

Deputy Chief Ambulance Officer Dean de la Mare thanked the teams for their efforts and resilience: “It is not unusual to see a peak in demand around this time of year, but thirty calls in one day is exceptional. I would like to thank all of the crews who responded to incidents during this busy time.”

Incidents during the week included twenty-nine priority one calls requiring an immediate emergency response. Other calls included a range of medical conditions, falls, road traffic accidents and medivacs from Guernsey Airport.

In 2019 the emergency ambulance service responded to a total of 5658 calls, making it the busiest year on record.

Posted: February 24, 2020