New mum thanks St John staff after her baby was born in an ambulance

Photo credit: Guernsey Press

I want to thank the paramedic and the ambulance crew who got to my house so quickly”.

On Saturday 11th November St John Emergency Ambulance Service was called to a mother in childbirth. An ambulance and a paramedic in a car were dispatched to the scene, where the mother was promptly assessed and the decision taken to transfer her straight to the Princess Elizabeth Hospital. At the same time another fast response car was sent to collect a midwife from the Loveridge Ward to meet the ambulance on route. During the journey it became clear that birth was imminent. The midwife arrived in the ambulance shortly before the baby was delivered. Once safely delivered the ambulance continued the journey to hospital the PEH.

The baby boy, who was born at 7:17 on 11/11/17, has been named Arlo George. His mum, Becky, was full of praise for the ambulance crews and midwife. She said “I want to thank the paramedic and the ambulance crew who got to my house so quickly. I also want to thank the midwife. They were all amazing as they helped deliver our baby boy in the back of an ambulance just up the road from our home. It was a bit overwhelming at the time but I can’t praise them all enough for the quick response and care they gave. Arlo is just perfect”.

Photo credit: Guernsey Press

The three St John staff on the ambulance crew were Paramedic Lorna Harborow, Emergency Medical Technician Amy Parnwell and Emergency Care Assistant Jim Cathcart. Emergency Medical Technician Greg Martin drove the midwife, Eilis Rock, to the scene.

Lorna Harborow said “Congratulations to Becky and her partner. Becky did so well. It was the fastest delivery I’ve seen. It is quite rare for a baby to be delivered in an ambulance”.

Emergency Care Assistant Jim Cathcart who was also attending in the back of the ambulance said “I was there for the birth of my own children, but helping deliver someone else’s baby in the back of an ambulance was a first. The ambulance crews and the midwife all worked well together as a team and I’m delighted for Becky and her partner”.


Posted: November 16, 2017