Pauline Lenesley has just completed a one week secondment with the St John Emergency Ambulance Service (SJEAS).

A trained midwife and PhD student in Management Studies in St Malo, Pauline works on polycentric co-ordination at Lyon University. She teaches Management of Health and Social Science and Care Quality to Master Degree students and is an Associate Researcher in Aix en Provence.

Having a link with family in Guernsey, Pauline had requested time here to complete some research with the service.

Her aim has been to better understand how St John operates, in particular alongside the other emergency services, our links into the other islands and the UK ambulance services together with research into how the coordination takes place. She also wanted a chance to practice and improve her English language skills.

Pauline said, ‘By observing the teams at SJEAS and questioning the staff using an Institutional Analysis and Development framework, I am trying to get a big picture of the system in comparison to the French pre-hospital emergency care system, from another point of view.

‘I thank the teams at SJEAS for hosting me for the week. I wish you the best for the future and I am already missing this so beautiful and fascinating island.’

Posted: May 3, 2017