St John is spreading some positivity and hope in the community by displaying a large rainbow on the side of one of the emergency ambulances.

Rainbow images have become a sign of hope since the outbreak of the coronavirus and have been springing up in windows of homes around the island and further afield.

The ambulance had just returned from undergoing some bodywork repairs, but the usual green and yellow reflective battenberg strips, which normally come from the UK were not available due to the coronavirus, so it was decided to take the opportunity to put the rainbow on the side of the vehicle.

The signwriting has been completed free of charge by Dave Dowding from Dowding Signs. It also includes the words “Guernsey Together.”

Chief Ambulance Officer Mark Mapp said: We wanted to share some positivity in these challenging times. We’ve had so much support from our community we wanted to give something back. We’ve seen children painting rainbows and putting them up in their windows, so as we weren’t able to get hold of the reflective strips it seemed a great opportunity to use the side of the ambulance rather than leaving it blank. We hope it raises people’s spirits and gives everyone some hope. I’d like to thank Dowding Signs for doing the work free of charge.”

Posted: April 14, 2020