The Commandery of St John in Guernsey has recently completed a review of its corporate structure in the Bailiwick.  Over the years St John has delivered different services from different parts of the organisation and the review was undertaken to help clarify the confusion amongst some stakeholders and the general public about the reasons for the existence of two operating companies, one delivering the “blue light” emergency ambulance services (St John Ambulance & Rescue Services, “SJARS” also known as the St John Emergency Ambulance Service) and the other voluntary and charitably funded services (St John Guernsey, “SJG”). Two separate companies also led to a degree of resource duplication and overlap.

SJARS and SJG will therefore be amalgamated into a single company, where after all ambulance and first aid related activities will be delivered via a single legal entity, to be renamed St John Ambulance Guernsey. In anticipation of this merger, the boards of both SJARS and SJG have been aligned. Mr Roy Tilleard, an experienced and operationally focussed Guernsey businessman, has been appointed as Chairman.  He will be supported by board members from the island’s business and health sectors.

The merger will deliver a number of positive benefits as follows:

  • Allow the “One St John” ethos to be evidenced tangibly;
  • Simplify messaging about St John’s activities internally and externally;
  • Enhance career development prospects for full time professional staff and unpaid volunteers;
  • Strengthen St John’s contribution to the Partnership of Purpose with the States of Guernsey;
  • Better embed the St John value set, and the principles of Pro Fide, Pro Utilitate Hominum (For the Faith and in the Service of Mankind) ; and
  • Facilitate the sharing of central administrative resources.

An important and significant part of the restructuring will be to raise the prominence and influence of qualified medical practitioners within the organisation.  Dr Neil Robinson and Dr Aruni Sen have joined the board as Medical Director and Medical Advisor respectively.  Both are highly experienced consultants in Emergency Medicine based at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital.

Mark Mapp an experienced operational paramedic and clinical instructor, who has also worked for Health & Social Care at the PEH, has been appointed as the Chief Ambulance Officer.

St John will continue to provide excellent care to islanders and although the internal structure of the organisation has been simplified the public should not notice changes to the day-to-day delivery of emergency or first aid services.

Posted: April 30, 2019