Emergency Medical Technician Laura Kanjere has recently taken on the role of Schools’ Liaison Officer for The St John Ambulance & Rescue Service, and will be responsible for arranging all future school visits by the Schools’ Liaison Group.


The Services’ Schools’ Liaison Group comprises of approximately 10 Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics, who visit the islands’ schools to positively promote the Ambulance Service to children.

The Primary School children are given the opportunity to look inside an ambulance and touch and hold the equipment.  They are also given the chance to role play with various pieces of equipment such as bandages, plasters and blood pressure cuffs, as well as being able to ride on two go-karts which have been fitted with working blue lights and sirens.  The hope is that by promoting the Ambulance Service in a positive manner, the children will overcome any fears of travelling in an ambulance or being treated by ambulance staff.

The Group also visits the islands’ Secondary Schools to give a presentation on ‘Beach Safety’ which includes topics such as tides, cliffs, what to do if you need rescuing, jellyfish stings and alcohol consumption.  These students also have the opportunity to practice the Recovery Position.

Posted: February 24, 2014