Congratulations to all the Badgers, Cadets and adult members of St John who received awards at our annual Presentation Afternoon.

The event normally takes place in the spring, but was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Best Badger (Male): Sarnian Division – Brandon Leech Corbet; Brock Division – Elliot Jones.
  • Best Badger (Female): Sarnian Division – Abigail Gallienne; Brock Division – Maisie Le Page
  • Best Badger Achievement: Sarnian Division – Jaiha Marquis & Brandon Leech Corbet; Brock Division – Mary-anne Waterton.
  • Best Badger Attendance: Sarnian Division – Katherine Brache & Brandon Leech Corbet; Brock Division – Olivia Prigent.
  • Best Badger Commitment: Sarnian Division – Katherine Brache; Brock Division – Jacques Cathcart
  • Super Badger Award: Katherine Brache & Emilie Waylen.
  • 2019 Badger of the Year (Parent & Friends Award): Winner – Katherine Brache; Runner-up – Hannah Martorella.

  • Best Junior Cadet: Sarnian Division – Nate Ferbrache; Brock Division – Millie Boyd.
  • Best Senior Cadet: Sarnian Division – Christian Gomes; Brock Division – Alexia Rosamond.
  • Cadet Attendance: Sarnian Division – Matilda Shell; Brock Division – Kelsea Bougourd.
  • Members Member: Sarnian Division – Joshua Blanchard; Brock Division – James King.
  • Cadet Public Duty: Joshua Blanchard.
  • 2019 Cadet of the Year: Alexia Rosamond.

  • The Leslie Singleton Trophy for the Cadet with outstanding achievements in their first three years with St John: Winner – James King; Runner-up – Matilda Snell.
  • Phyllis Touzeau Trophy, for the NCO with several years efficient service who has undertaken extracurricular activities on behalf of St John: Winner – Kelsea Bougourd; Runner-up – Olivia Harrison.
  • Madge Wherry Trophy for Commitment: Winner – Joshua Blanchard; Runner-up – Kelsea Bougourd.
  • Wallace Cameron Trophy “Spirit of the Order”: Alexia Rosamond.
  • Public Duty Award: Josh Bonsall
  • Attendance/Overall Contribution: Alan Stevens
  • North Division 21st Trophy for the member in their first three years: Lorraine Da Silva
  • Polaris Trophy “Spirit of the Order”: Jackie Pattimore & Darryl Bye.

The presentation of trophies and certificates was held at our Rohais headquarters in the presence of the Knight Commander, Mr Andrew Henton, the Chairman of the St John Ambulance Guernsey, Mr Stuart Place and members of the Commandery.

Andrew Henton thanked all the volunteers for their service and dedication. “If it wasn’t for that commitment, St John wouldn’t be able to do what it does in the Bailiwick. The affection with which St John as an organisation is held in the Bailiwick is testimony to the value of the effort, as recognised by members of our community. It’d particularly like to pay tribute to our Cadets and Badgers, because you are the future of St John.”

Mr Henton also thanked the network of the families and partners of St John members who support them in their work for the organisation.

Posted: October 8, 2020