St John charity launches new Support & Save scheme to raise funds

Members of a new scheme will be able to make savings at a growing number of businesses across the Bailiwick as the St John Support & Save scheme is rolled out to the public from Monday 17th October 2022.

The initiative has been set up by the St John Ambulance Guernsey charity to raise vital funds for the charity’s voluntary activities which includes Event First Aid Volunteers, Badgers & Cadets, the Flying Christine III, Community Library, Cycle Response Unit, Ambulance Reserve, Community First Responders and the Caring Caller service.

Heather Langlois, Chief Executive of the St John charity said “We wanted to bring a further benefit to supporting a charity and St John in particular, those who join the scheme will make savings many times over and above what they have donated to become a member. The businesses who are onboard the scheme, receive additional customers and the St John charity receives a valuable boost to our fundraising – it really is a win for everyone. Our charity, like so many others at the moment, is struggling to raise funds in these difficult times, so the fact that you can get something back when you support our charity is something that we hope will be of great appeal and a fresh take on the more traditional type of fundraising”.

The Support & Save scheme has been in development for the past 6 months and was tested by members of the St John voluntary section. Janet Unitt, who volunteers as a St John Advanced First Aider and Community First Responder, was the first member of the scheme and said “Being a total fan of making a saving, I jumped at the chance to get my membership and take part in the trial, I’m sure that I will get plenty of use out of the card and knowing that it all starts with supporting a great charity, makes it even more worthwhile”.

The St John Ambulance Guernsey charity operates a variety of services to the benefit of the community and relies entirely on fundraising and making charges for our event first aid cover. Our Volunteers collectively provide thousands of hours of service each year to support our community in a multitude of ways, both at public events or behind the scenes.

St John Support & Save scheme memberships cost £25 and can be purchased online, via or by calling in to the St John Healthcare shop in the Rohais.

Posted: October 17, 2022