Jon Beausire, Chief Officer, St John Emergency Ambulance Service:

‘We wish firstly to send our sincere condolences to the innocent victims of this attack in London and their loved ones.

‘Also our thoughts are with our London Ambulance Service colleagues and other members of the emergency services at this difficult time.

‘As was demonstrated in London this week, the emergency services work together when responding to incidents of this type having made considerable progress in the last 15 yearson joint operability.

‘In Guernsey, a well-established framework is in place for handling major incidents and this has been refined over many years. It ensures that Ambulance, Fire & Rescue and Police Services understand each other’s roles and skills and come together to provide an effective response to what is often a chaotic situation.

‘These types of incidents test the resilience of emergency service personnel and as the attack at the Palace of Westminster demonstrated, London Ambulance Service paramedics remained professional throughout.’

Posted: March 24, 2017