St John Training Services has launched a series of new interactive online training courses to make it easier for businesses, groups and individuals to complete first aid qualifications.

The innovative, interactive, online experience allows participants to complete some aspects of their training remotely, reducing the time needed in the classroom, the online sessions also remain available after the course so first aiders can refresh their knowledge once qualified. In addition, St John is also introducing a bespoke Annual Refresher as a new online option.

Head of St John Training Services Heather Langlois said: “This is a first for Guernsey and we are very excited about this project, which aims to make first aid more flexible, accessible and efficient. People are busy and businesses sometimes find it hard to release staff for two to three days at a time, so the online courses allow participants to complete some of the content at home or in the office, reducing the time needed for classroom training. As part of this development all of our courses, not just those you can complete online, can be booked and paid for directly via our website.”

The online courses have been designed by local digital design and marketing agency Stratagem, which has worked with St John to develop a series of animated training modules, which demonstrate the latest first aid techniques along with self- assessment quizzes to test knowledge. The animations are set in a Guernsey context and feature local backdrops such as Castle Cornet and St Peter Port harbour. St John plans to add other bite-size courses which will be available to the public in the future.

Stratagem Director Nic Legg said: “Our team have enjoyed the technical challenges the project has provided. The animations in particular were an exciting element of the project. Our whole team here at Stratagem Design are very proud to be working in partnership with St John and look forward to continuing to support St John Training Services in their vital, potentially life-saving work.

On a personal note, from the age of eleven I was a St John Cadet and I am very thankful for the organisation and was delighted to have the opportunity to reconnect and work with St John to develop this project.”

Heather Langlois added: “Requalification of first aid courses is normally every three years, which helps keep knowledge fresh and updates first aiders on changing practices. We have noticed that since the Covid pandemic, a lot of people whose first aid qualifications expired during the lockdown have not rebooked for a variety of reasons. That means there is increased risk of skills fade and potential lack of confidence for anyone faced with a first aid situation.

“The Covid lockdown also made everyone more aware that it is not always easy to attend face to face training, there was also a cultural shift which means people are more used to doing things online, meeting remotely and using video conferencing, which is why our online courses are so exciting and even more beneficial.

“We are also introducing an online Annual Refresher course that can be completed which will help preventing skills fade and give increased confidence if someone is faced with an emergency. First Aid is a skill for life. Our courses cover everything from the more common minor injuries to life threatening medical emergencies. With the right training you can be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.”

The new online training courses can be booked at

Online and blended courses are subject to a course booking fee. Full details of costs are available to view on our website.

St John Training Services supports the St John Ambulance Guernsey charity and the St John Emergency Ambulance Service, so by booking a first aid course with St John you are also helping to support our work in the community.

Posted: October 6, 2021