At 1516 hours on Sunday 10th August, the St John Ambulance and Rescue Service received a call from Guernsey Coast Guard, to advise that they had received reports of two male casualties stuck at the foot of cliffs between Petit Port and Moulin Huet, on the south coast of Guernsey.


The St John Cliff Rescue and Inshore Rescue Boat Teams were both alerted and responded to Moulin Huet.

The Royal National Lifeboat Institutions’ St Peter Port Lifeboat,  had been able to locate the casualties at the foot of the cliffs and maintained a watch on them whilst the St John Cliff Rescue Team set up their rescue equipment at the top of the cliffs, midway between Moulin Huet and Petit Port.  Sea conditions were too rough for the St John Inshore Rescue Boat to be launched.

After a long descent to the foot of the cliffs, the St John Cliff Rescue Team, made up of expert volunteers, located the casualties.  A local male and a male visitor to the island, were recovered to the top of the cliffs in a rescue which took just under 5 hours to complete.  Neither casualty was injured.

Posted: August 11, 2014