Guernsey Residents Scheme

What does it cost?

SINGLE membership of £33.00 provides cover for a single person only.

CHILD membership of £12.00 provides cover for one child up until the end of full-time education.

FAMILY membership of £78.00 provides cover for a couple or single parent with children until they leave full time education.

SENIOR CITIZEN who is 65 years or over may pay a specially reduced membership of £28.00

COUPLE (2 Senior Citizens) membership of £56.00

COUPLE (1 Senior Citizen) membership of £61.00

COUPLE (both under 65 years) membership of £66.00

What is the St John Supporters Subscription Scheme?

As a local resident, by becoming a member of our Supporters Scheme, you’ll help us provide essential services and at the same time support St John as a charity. In return, in the event of an injury, serious illness or other medical condition you’ll receive:

  • Unlimited free emergency ambulance responses;
  • Assessment and medical treatment by paramedics or other qualified clinicians;
  • 10 transfers by non-emergency ambulance under the direct instructions of a Health Care Professional where you are unfit to travel by any other means for treatment or medical appointment.

(Where you do not meet the conditions you will be subject to normal charges for ambulance
transfers regardless of your membership to the St John Supporter Scheme.)

How does the supporter scheme work?

To become a St John Supporter, you pay a 2018 membership fee – either as an individual, couple or a family. The usual part-charge for an emergency ambulance response is over 10 times more than the annual cost of being a St John Supporter, so our scheme offers you great value for money.

Are there any restrictions?

There is no limit to the number of emergency ambulance responses you may have, and no age limit to become a St John Supporter, however there are restrictions to the number of non-emergency patient transfers covered under your membership. This membership will cover you for 10 non-emergency patient transfers. (This does not apply to transfers in respect of renal dialysis treatment). Should you require more than 10 transfers within your membership period, a top-up subscription can be purchased.
Please note that whilst we respond to 999 calls made by the public, we only take non-emergency ambulance transfers when they are authorised by a Healthcare Professional.

What if I don’t join?

  • You will incur a charge of up to £350 for an Emergency Ambulance;
  • You may incur an additional charge of £65 for a Registered Paramedic;
  • You will incur a charge of up to £150 for a non-emergency Ambulance.

You may be covered by private medical insurance, if you are, please check with your insurer the level of cover for ambulance services, to ensure it is enough to meet our charges.

How long does membership last?

Membership is valid until 31/12/18. You can join at any time. Should you have any queries please contact us on 01481 723866 during office hours.

Why do I need to pay for an ambulance?

The charges arise because unlike the other island emergency services, we are not fully funded by the States of Guernsey. The funding we receive from the States of Guernsey only covers 70% of the ambulance service costs. We raise the additional income through this Subscription Scheme, charges and donations.

Did you know?

  • Our ambulance service is only part funded by the States of Guernsey, so we need to raise additional funds to support it and to provide our other community and rescue services in the Bailiwick
  • The road ambulance service responds to an average of 12 emergencies and a further 30 patient transfers every single day
  • The St John Health Care Shop has a range of over 1000 products for sale or hire at its showroom in the Rohais, St Peter Port


DOWNLOAD St John Membership Leaflet 2018

If you can help with a donation to this charitable work, please let us know or send it to:

The St John Ambulance & Rescue Service,
Ambulance Station,
St. Peter Port,
GY1 1YN.

Please contact us on 01481 723866 for a membership form.