Islanders are being asked to take 15 minutes and use it to help shape the future of Guernsey’s ambulance service.

The survey, which includes 18 questions in total, can be found here 

The steering group tasked with developing the most effective ambulance service for Guernsey has launched an online survey seeking the public’s view on key issues.

‘We want islanders to tell us what they want from the ambulance service,’ said John Hollis, steering group chairman.

‘Every man, woman and child has a vested interest in ensuring we get this right. Any one of us could require an ambulance at some point, so it is really important that people take the 15 minutes required to fill out this survey and help us understand what issues are important to them.

‘If we are to develop a future ambulance service that best serves the needs of the whole community, we need as much of the community as possible to engage with the process.’

Island Global Research is carrying out research in support of the group.

The steering group is made up of senior representatives drawn from the Health and Social Services Department, St John Ambulance & Rescue Service and the Home Department.

This survey – looking at future options for the island’s ambulance service – is separate to the wide-ranging Community Survey launched by the States of Guernsey earlier this week.

The ambulance survey asks specific questions regarding how islanders feel about the service and their views on several options that need to be considered.

It is broken down into the following sections;

• Ambulance Services
• Non-emergency Patient Transfer
• Addressing Immediate Medical Needs
• Use of Medical Records by Registered Health Professionals
• Collaboration Between Emergency Services

‘Statements included in the survey represent a hypothetical point of view, of which some are intentionally contradictory to secure clearer public opinions,’ Mr Hollis said.

‘None should be read as firm proposals, because firm proposals will only be developed following the results of this public consultation and further work.’

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Posted: June 22, 2015