Two St John staff joined over a thousand medical professionals at the Innovation for Pre-Hospital Emergency Care (IPEC) conference in Brighton last month.

Paramedic Steve Torode and Sonia Guille, station officer, attended the two-day conference which looked at ways to improve outcomes for out of hospital cardiac arrest patients. There were 12 speakers at the conference including Freddy Lippert, chief executive officer of emergency medical services in Denmark, who is seen as the driving force behind Denmark’s success in treating cardiac patients. Another speaker, Cardiologist Professor Douglas Chamberlain CBE, founded the first paramedic unit in Europe, revolutionising pre-hospital clinical care.

The event was packed with information about new clinical interventions and technologies which would allow better care for patients in the future.

Sonia Guille, station officer, said: “This was an excellent conference which highlighted new clinical interventions that will  improve patients survival following a Cardiac Arrest and improve patient outcome when suffering a heart attack.”


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Posted: June 11, 2015