Do you have an IPAD SP1 (Semi automatic or fully automatic) defibrillator like the ones in the photo?

If so, the manufacturers have identified an issue with some of these AEDs and are recalling all SP1 semi-automatic devices with Software Version 1.4.1 or earlier, and SP1 fully automatic device with the Software Version 1.10 or earlier.

An engineer will be visiting Guernsey during the second week of February to provide a free upgrade for any IPAD SP1 AEDs with an old version of the software. The emergency ambulance service has offered to assist the manufacturer resolve this issue and the engineer will be based at the ambulance station on the Rohais during the visit.

If you have an IPAD SP1 AED please follow the steps below:


1 – Hold down the “I” button on your device for 2 seconds, or until it beeps.

  1. The device will then begin diagnostics. Please wait until you hear the device say “Software Version”
  2. Listen for the first three digits. This is the software version of the device.

For example “ Software Version… 1…4…1…0…0…0…1…0…0” – the software in this example is 1.41.


EMAIL including your name and contact number and we will be in touch to book an appointment with the UK engineer when they visit Guernsey in February.

Further details can be found on the manufacture’s website

Posted: January 26, 2023