Earlier this week, following an emergency call to a seriously life threatening incident, four of our volunteer community first responders (CFRs) attended an address in the Perelle area.

The first responder arrived 6 minutes after the emergency call was made and the CFRs were able to commence lifesaving treatment before the ambulance arrived.

CFRs are alerted by ambulance control at the same time as an ambulance is deployed and as they are already in the community they can often get to the patient first.

Pictured is Mark Guilbert, who was one of the first CFRs in Guernsey. Mark lives in one of the farthest points of the island which means that when he responds from home he could be on scene 4-5 minutes before the ambulance, which can be a crucial amount of time.

We would like to thank our community first responders for the excellent work they do which continues to help us to save lives.

Community First Responder Mark Guilbert

Community First Responder Mark Guilbert

Posted: March 13, 2015