The St John Cycle Response Unit was back on duty for both days of the North Show this August.

The specially prepared mountain bike was ridden by Paramedic Dan Jehan, who was one of those instrumental in setting up the CRU about three years ago. Dan is a full-time paramedic with the emergency ambulance service and now continues to volunteer in his spare time.

The bikes are equipped with pocket size defibrillators, mini oxygen cylinders, a first response bag, first aid and burns kit. The CRU provides the resilience to operate alone bringing the same initial response to  patients as a vehicle but in more remote, inaccessible or pedestrianized settings.

The advantages are the bike the get in and out of crowds and cover distances quicker than a first aider on foot. In the UK cycle units have helped improve survival rates from cardiac arrests because they can help deliver life saving treatment and equipment quickly.

The bikes are used for events like Liberation Day, the marathon, Rotary Walk, Rocquaine Regatta and Race for Life.

Dan said: “I volunteer because I find pride in being able to provide the public with a safe and prompt service if ever required. 

“The CRU adds an excitingly versatile opportunity to providing medical event cover as well as promoting volunteer fitness and wellbeing. They are instantly recognised amongst a crowd and have the capability, unlike many of our other resources, to filter through dense pedestrian zones quickly and safely with the qualifications the volunteers uphold,” he added.

Cycle Response Unit volunteers need to undergo specialist cycle training to be a member of the team.

The CRU was set up with funding from G4S. St John Ambulance Guernsey is very grateful to G4S for recognising the value of Cycle Response Unit and supporting the initiative.


Posted: September 5, 2019