If you know someone who is struggling to do everyday tasks like taking a bath, getting upstairs, making a cup of tea or stepping down from the doorstep the St John Trusted First Assessors can help.

Three members of St John HealthCare staff have recently become qualified as Trusted First Assessors. The qualification gives Assessors the skills and knowledge to help islanders make adjustments around the home to give them the freedom and confidence to enjoy their homes safely again.

St John HealthCare is now offering free assessments from friendly and trusted staff, who can visit people in both residential homes and private residences to help identify issues or hazards and find solutions to everyday problems, such as bathing, walking upstairs or getting in and out of bed.

One recent customer said “Thanks to the Trusted First Assessors I can now enjoy having a bath again.”

The Trusted First Assessors scheme is a national concept recognised by the States of Guernsey, the NHS and UK Quality Care Commission. The two day course which took place in the UK was run by the Disabled Living Foundation and attended by representatives from local authorities, health trusts and private care providers.

In many cases simple adjustments can be recommended which can reduce risks and remove barriers making home-life simpler and safer. Assessors can also provide free advice on practical changes as well as mobility equipment suitable for an individual’s needs.

Jacquelyn Llewellyn-Jones, Relationship Manager with St John HealthCare is one of the recently qualified staff. Jacquelyn said “As we get older we can sometimes struggle to do the things we once took for granted, but little changes can make a big difference. It is lovely to be able to go into someone’s home and make a difference almost immediately. It is without doubt, the best part of my job.”

Another customer said “You have been a brilliant help, we didn’t know what to do or where to go until we came into the St John HealthCare shop and found out about the service you offer. Mum now moves around her home more confidently and it has definitely improved her life. You have all been so wonderful and kind and we can’t thank you enough. We have recommended St John to our friends.”

The assessments are carried out in the best interest of the client, taking into account health and mobility issues, aspirations and any potential risks. Options can be discussed in conjunction with carers, family members or other care partners. In some cases it may be appropriate to develop a multi-agency approach.

The St John Trusted First Assessor scheme aims to intervene at any early stage when someone is struggling to do something before the need arises for involvement of Community Services or an Occupational Therapists referral and fits well with the States of Guernsey’s Partnership of Purpose initiative and SLAWS (Supported Living and Aging Well Strategy).

To find out more pop into the St John HealthCare shop on the Rohais, give us a call on 729268 or email on tfa@stjohn.gg

Posted: April 11, 2019