Guernsey resident Jack Loveridge who ran the Guernsey Marathon in support of the Emergency Ambulance Service has donated £680 to the ambulance staff fund.

The event in October was Jack’s first ever marathon, although he had completed a number of half marathons before.

Jack said: “I’ve always wanted to run a marathon, it was a tick on my bucket list and I thought doing it for charity was an added incentive, so it gave me extra motivation. The guys at the ambulance service do a great job and work really hard throughout the year. They’ve also worked hard throughout the pandemic, so the staff fund was a worthy cause to run for.”

Asked about the marathon itself Jack said “The first twenty miles of the course were OK, but after that it got really hard, however I would still like to do another marathon one day.”

The ambulance staff fund is used for staff training, development and welfare, including improving staff wellbeing and mental health.

We would like to thank Jack for his ‘support for the ambulance service and his marathon effort’ in raising this money for the ambulance staff fund.

Posted: November 20, 2021