Graham Le Page is a familiar face in the St John HealthCare Shop at the Rohais. He has been working for St John for eleven years.

“It is a very busy shop, the phone is always ringing and people are in and out all day. I don’t think people realise quite how busy it is.” said Graham.

Graham has always worked in retail, but this job is a bit different to his previous roles. “I like the idea that you are helping people and making a life a little easier. It’s a great job and I really enjoy it.”

St John HealthCare stocks a wide range of products from wheelchairs and mobility scooters to hoists and bath seats, but according to Graham it is often the little things that can make a life a little easier for the customer. “Sometimes you sell something quite small that can make a big difference. A pick-up stick for example, which can be used to pick up the post from the door mat to save the person from bending over, or something that can ease a patient’s back if they’re sitting in a chair for a while.”

The bigger items available from St John HealthCare, such as a wheelchair can give someone a bit more independence and freedom. “There are some many new products available now which can help people get out and about, which is a really good thing. If we can help people get out rather than being stuck inside that is rewarding”.

When he’s not behind the counter or giving advice to customers Graham can be seen out on the road delivering and fitting equipment to make life around the home a little easier.

“I often go out to help with installing reclining chairs, beds and hoists” he said. Staff at St John HealthCare work closely with Guernsey’s Occupational Therapists, Community Nurses and other health care professionals to advise on equipment and help with installation.

Away from work Graham is involved in a local drama group and enjoys gardening and aviation.



Posted: August 30, 2018