The St John Emergency Ambulance Service regularly receives letters and cards praising and thanking our staff. Each year we recognise the member of staff who has received the most messages of thanks.

Emergency Medical Technician Greg Martin, who only fully qualified this year, received the highest number of appreciations in the twelve months from January 2017 to December 2017.

Patients said they had been grateful for Greg’s kind and professional approach. Some of the words used by patients to describe his work include “fantastic”, “excellent” and “reassuring”. His approach when dealing with end of life care has also been called “considerate” and “compassionate”.

Greg joined the service as an Ambulance Care Assistant in 2014 and soon after, completed the training to become an Emergency Care Assistant. Last year Greg completed the theoretical stage of the Associate Ambulance Practitioner qualification, attending a 3 month course in the UK. After his training Greg’s assessor said “he put a lot of work in and had great attitude. He received the highest mark of the group and was the strongest candidate.”

Having completed his training and the practical element of this demanding course he is now an Emergency Medical Technician.





Posted: August 21, 2018