When the stairs become difficult, a Stannah stairlift from St John Healthcare can give you the freedom to stay in the home that you love.


Whether you want to regain your independence or simply feel confident again when using your stairs, a Stannah stairlift is the perfect choice.

Stannah stairlifts come in a range of designs and fabrics. There are options for straight and curved staircases, as well as slimline alternatives. Our experienced and friendly Stannah trained staff can help you find the best stairlift to suit your staircase and the best style to match the colour and decor of your home. Installation is quick and easy and because Stannah stairlifts attach to the stairs not the wall, so there’s no mess.

To find out more about how St John Healthcare and Stannah can help you enjoy your home again please call us on 729268 or email stannah@stjohn.gg

Posted: November 11, 2020