Last weekend staff from St John Healthcare and the Emergency Ambulance Service did a beach clean at Rousse.

The event was part of the Clean Earth Trust and Pick It Up Guernsey ‘Womble 52’ initiative which is looking to get 52 local businesses and organisations signed up to clean one beach every week.

The St John team spent almost two hours on a blustery Sunday morning scanning the shoreline around Rousse for litter and objects washed up by the tides.

Gina Gooding, Commercial Manager said “We were really keen to get involved with the Womble 52 project and do our little bit to help keep our beaches clean. We live in a beautiful island with stunning beaches and we all enjoy going to the beach, so we felt it was a really positive thing to be part of. As well as making a bit of a difference to our local environment it was a really good team building opportunity. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and we are really keen to do another beach clean next year.”

Staurt Malley, Station Officer said “We picked up several cans and bottles, but what surprised me most was the amount of small pieces of plastic that were mixed up in the seaweed and scattered along the shore.”

St John has also supplied a first aid kit to the Clean Earth Trust to be passed between the different businesses which have signed up for the Womble 52 project.

Posted: November 17, 2020