The Vale Primary School’s reception classes were recently visited by two of our Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), Laura Kanjere and Dean Robilliard. Dean and Laura both regularly undertake visits to primary schools as part of St John’s schools liaison work.

Their aim was to make sure that the children were comfortable if they ever found themselves in a situation where they need to call 999 or be treated by ambulance staff. (Teaching children first aid is carried out later on in the children’s school careers by St John Training Services Guernsey).

The children were shown inside an ambulance and told about some of the equipment found inside, including items such as stretchers and defibrillators.

How to call 999 and what questions they might be asked was also discussed. The personal protective equipment that is worn by all EMT’s was shown to the children, as well as vacuum splints used by ambulance staff as a temporary aid.

Dean De La Mare, Senior Officer at the St John Ambulance and Rescue Service said: “What is important is to try and make it a fun experience for the children so that if they are ever unfortunate enough to be involved in an incident and need to call the emergency services they understand what will happen.”

If you would like to arrange a visit by our Schools’ Liaison Group, please click here for our contact details.

Vale School

Posted: July 23, 2015