About Us

St John is your trusted local charity dedicated to helping Islanders by providing first aid, emergency and community care. Active in the Bailiwick since the 1930s, and internationally part of The Order of St John with a long and honourable history, we provide:

  • Cliff and inshore rescue
  • Emergency ambulance service
  • Event medical cover
  • First aid training
  • Healthcare supplies and equipment
  • Library
  • Marine ambulance
  • Non emergency patient transport service
  • Youth development


Life is precious – help us to save lives?

Could you support St John in one of these ways:

  • Donate at giving.gg
  • Fundraise
  • Provide specialised support
  • Sponsor
  • Volunteer

To find out how and for more information, please contact:

Email: Alex.Jenner@sja.org.gg
Telephone: 725211

St John Guernsey is formed of several subsidiary companies working together to provide one consistent service to the community of the Bailiwick:

St John Ambulance & Rescue provides emergency pre-hospital care to the community in Guernsey with a a road ambulance service and the provision of paramedics. It also operates a patient transport service, marine ambulance (the Flying Christine III), community first responder scheme and an ambulance reserve.

St John Ambulance & Rescue Senior Management Team
St John Ambulance & Rescue Board

St John Rescue Services is manned by volunteers and provides cliff rescue and inshore rescue boat services to those in need.

St John Ambulance Guernsey provides voluntary first aid cover for community events along with youth services to teach young people first aid.

St John Alderney Ambulance Service operates the emergency pre-hospital ambulance service for the island of Alderney and is entirely manned by volunteers.

St John Training Services is the Bailiwick’s leading provider of first aid training. Formed in 2005 as collaboration between St John Ambulance Guernsey and the St John Ambulance and Rescue Service our professional trainers are qualified to the highest standards to teach life saving skills. They are drawn from members of your community including the emergency services, health and teaching professions.

St John Training Services Guernsey is a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation. The income we receive from the training courses we provide goes straight back into supporting the St John Ambulance and Rescue Service and St John Ambulance Guernsey. So the benefits of choosing to train with us extend way beyond your organisation.

The St John Shop offers a wide range of health care equipment both for sale and also to hire along with various first aid supplies.

While our organisations operate separately; they work together as part of St John Guernsey to provide a trusted and reliable service to the community.

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