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Cadets start at age 10 and guided by youth leaders, take part in an interactive and full programme. Badgers are the youngest members of St John, starting from the age of 5 with Badger Cubs.

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Cadet Programme

The programme enables young people to learn important skills in a fun and safe environment, but with challenge and excitement appropriate to their age.

Cadets can choose from over seventy different subjects to help complete their award. These range from Fire prevention and Photography, to Sports and first aid.

Aside from learning first aid, Cadets can partake in a variety of other activities, and support tasks to help out adult members of St John.

Some of then are listed below:

Many St John Cadets go on to have careers in the health and social care sector in Guernsey and further afield.

District Cadet of the Year, James King

“Being able to attend the National Cadet of the Year Competition was one of the greatest privileges I’ve been given. As the District Cadet of the Year for Guernsey, I have represented St John at a number of high profile events. I also made friends with district cadets from around the country and memories that will last me a lifetime”

Badger training

Our Badger programme covers a wide range of subjects and activities, from first aid to communication skills, to healthy living and being safe.

All the subjects have been written by St John people with the aim of Badgers in mind and to support children through their learning and development journey in a safe and fun environment.

Badgers work towards getting their Super Badger award and Badgers can choose from 15 subjects to help them achieve this, such as ‘Creative’, ‘Global’, ‘Wild’ ‘St John’ Badger.

Badgers can:

To give each new Badger the best possible introduction, Welcome Badger provides a range of activities to ensure all new Badgers and their parents/carers are provided with all the essentials in the first few important weeks.

Once a Badger reaches the age of 10 the Badger can become a Cadet

Mathew's Story - Age 9

I really like playing at badgers and doing lots of fun stuff, I have told all my friends about it. I like doing first aid and learning things. I like playing games as well.

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