How St John HealthCare helped Pat enjoy the home she loves again.

Meet Pat, a retired nurse from Guernsey who was finding it more and more challenging to enjoy life at home…. until she got a Stannah stairlift from St John HealthCare.

“I’ve lived here for 50 years and we brought up all our family in this house. I love my kitchen, conservatory and garden. I love my lounge and I love my bedroom. It’s just a shame they are all on different levels!” said Pat.

Like many of us Pat was experiencing health problems which were starting to make it more difficult to get around her home.

“About a year ago I was starting to get a lot of pain in my legs. My joints are just getting older and I would be in tears by the time I got to the top of the stairs. I was also getting out of breath.”

Then Pat went to St John HealthCare and had two stairlifts installed, one from the kitchen in the basement to the ground floor and one up to the bedrooms on second floor.

“Now I don’t get the pain and I have peace of mind.”

Pat and her husband opted for two slightly different designs. One operates on a straight rail, the other is curved.

“I had a choice of colours and design, so we were able to choose one that looked good and was practical in a tight space, which we needed because one set of stairs is quite narrow.”

The St John team are trained to visit your home and carry out an assessment of the stairs, then once your stairlift has been ordered and delivered, the installation can be completed in just one day.

“The men from St John were very good. They didn’t think they would be able to fit a stairlift into our narrow staircase, but they managed to get one that fitted nicely. It caused very little disruption putting it in too. I thought they would attach it to the wall, but in fact it is bolted into the stairs.”

As the Channel Island agent for Stannah St John HealthCare can supply stairlifts starting from just £3000. St John also offers a maintenance and repair service.

“I never thought the day would come when I needed a stairlift, but I was in so much pain and breathless. I knew I couldn’t have coped for much longer. The thought of moving house was too much. The stairlifts are a much easier and cheaper option.”

After the team from St John had fitted the stairlift and shown Pat and her husband how to operate it they were also able to make some adjustments to make sure it was just right for her house. Stannah products are not only stylist, but also reliable, easy and safe, with built in safety features.

“It is very easy to use. There is a control on the arm rest and a remote button too. Thanks to Alan and the crew from St John. They have been really helpful and I can’t fault them.”

If you find that your stairs are affecting your everyday life it might be time to think about a simple and effortless solution: a Stannah stairlift from St John HealthCare. Call 729268, email or come an see us at the Rohais.

St John HealthCare is the local agent for Stannah, Terry lifts and Stiltz homelifts.